Eskers, drumlins, kettles, kames, undulating hills and pristine scenery represent the beginning of the Kettle Moraine. Beautiful and historic country needs to be preserved just the way it is, for everyone to enjoy now and forever.

Welcome to Watershed Watchers Inc. It is our challenge to bring you current information about all activities in the upper reaches of the Milwaukee River watershed and news of the grassroots group. Since 1993, we have been defending the right to keep needless construction from ruining the wildlife, the habitat that so many wild creatures enjoy, the clean water, of course clean air, and most of all a continuation of a special Quality of Life. This website should also reflect your interest in our primary environmental corridor, so we ask that you keep us informed, by sending us pictures and information from your vantage point in the community.  Complaints, concerns, brilliant ideas, and yes, even accolades, are always welcome.

Watershed Watchers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means we are a non-profit group.  This designation allows a tax break to those who want to make a donation to help preserve, not only the beauty of our earth, but the functionality of the rivers, lakes, and wetlands.  Our grassroots group is trying to create awareness of the environmental issues in the Milwaukee River watershed.  Our projects address wetlands, water quality, biotic communities, including environmental corridor and scientific and natural areas, floodplain fringe, and woodlands.  Please join Watershed Watchers to help with our mission.

Protect and Preserve

What a great river meanders through the northern reaches of the Milwaukee River watershed.

The Milwaukee River and all rivers, lakes, streams, and natural resources in general, not just in southeastern Wisconsin, but across the state have so much to offer everyone. But, the challenges to the environment are enormous. Grassroots groups are needed more today than ever before because of the intersections of economic growth, development, and corporate demands with those demands to save what is left of the environment. Grassroots groups have organized to protect clean air and pure water, and advocate for a rich environmental heritage for today’s children and their children and their children. The task is tremendous, but so much easier when everyone works for the same common cause. The way we work together and the way we treat our environment represents who we are and is the foundation of grassroots groups. Together we can do a better job of protecting the rivers, streams, wetlands, and all natural resources.

Aldo Leopold writes in the essay, The Round River, that “Wisconsin not only had a round river, Wisconsin is one. The current is the stream of energy which flows out of the soil into plants, thence into animals, thence back into the soil in a never ending circuit of life.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the sensitive wetlands, forest, and water quality in the Milwaukee River Watershed that could be impacted by possible destruction to the natural resources. It is "the never ending circuit of life" that we choose to protect and preserve.

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